‘Buhari’s Return From Medical Vacation, Bad Thing To Nigeria Economy’

President Buhari’s return from his medical vacation
to take back power is a bad thing to Nigeria
economy, said Tanko Yakasai, an Elder Statesman. He said this to newsmen (Sun) in an interview on
Saturday while comparing the state of the
economy when Osinbajo acted on Buhari’s stead
and the return of Buhari. PRESIDENT BUHARI RETURNS A. R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari being welcome by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on arrival at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. Yakasai reminiscence that things were moving on
good till Buhari returned back from his medical
vacation. According to him, “Niger Delta militants stopped
blowing pipelines and Nigerians were enjoying
more than 8 hours of electricity” Speaking further
with newsmen on his take in 2019 election, Yakasai
wished Buhari good luck if he wishes to seek for a
second term. “This is in the hands of God. If Buhari is fit, good
luck to him. He admitted that things went on fine
when Osinbajo acted for him; you know the vice
president is younger, while ill health and military
background weaken the president. “Things were better when the vice president acted
because I was getting electricity for eight hours a
day, and now since Buhari came back and took
over, electricity supply dropped to two or three
hours in a day. “Same happens in Lagos, people pay electricity bill
they didn’t enjoy, it wasn’t happening when
Osinbajo was acting. “During the short period that the VP acted, there
was no blowing of pipelines anymore. “If what happens in this country in the last two
years didn’t kill me, I don’t think it will kill me in
the next two years. The suffering was much, I
suffered and you suffered. “The other day I got a text message from
somebody who complained how he has been
suffering, as his pensions had not been paid for
over one year, and his children are still in school, I
told him, how I was also suffering. “Everybody is suffering, but if we want to suffer,
we can continue the suffering. The Hausa people
say, Mutuwar yawa kaka meaning ‘If death is
going to take everybody, not me alone, let it


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