Most Technicians In Kano Are From South; While Untrained Indigenes Beg - Emir Sanusi

The vociferous progressive muslim, Emir Of Kano
and Former CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi has yet
again sought to speak meaning and reason into his
conservative and seemingly intellectually
disadvantaged northern brothers and sisters,
charging them to learn from the commercially minded and productive Igbo people as well as
other progressive southern tribes that have set the
pace of development in the country and
apparently left them (the north) behind.
He wrote on his Instagram page: "I choose to fight for the progress of
Nigerians and suggest solutions to their
problems. It's my duty to speak the truth
about the ill-effects of conservative
Muslims who are harming Islam rather
than helping it. I condemned their refusal to expand their knowledge outside their
own religion and failure to realise that
knowledge is power.
I also correctly concluded denying the
right to pursue scientific and
technological knowledge and restricting people to Islamic knowledge is the best
means of ensuring that Muslims in
Northern Nigeria will be remain
economically backward. I'm upset at the
legion of beggars on the streets and is
trying to bridge the gap between the backward North and the Southern parts
of the nation.
I still believe that conservative Muslims
are still stuck in the 13th Century and
their claim that children need no other
knowledge than Islamic studies flies in the face of reality. All the poverty,
under-development and immense
suffering in the North are a result of
uneducated masses refusing to learn
work or a trade.
The majority of technicians in Kano are from the South while untrained indigenes
beg. How does that make sense? Why is
it that conservative Muslims who claim to
be against scientific progress enter
aeroplanes and fly to perform the Hajj in
Mecca rather than using camels to cross the desert! Why do they watch sermons
beamed by TV live from Mecca and read
the Holy Quaran on their laptops yet
profess to abhor modern technology? I'd
like to point out that there is no harm in
copying from the West if it brings succour to the masses of poverty stricken
Muslims in Northern Nigeria.
After all Saudi Arabia, the "home" of
Islam is known for its highly-rated
airline, modern hospitals, indigenous oil
industry and space program all of which make it a world leader. In our backward
nation, we insist on denying the truth.
Unless Northern political leaders like
Governor Yari pay attention to me, there
will never be a day when anywhere in
the North will be like the modern Muslim cities of Kuala Lumpar, Istanbul, Jakarta,
Lahore, Greater Cairo, Dacca, Karachi,
Dubai, Riyadh or Faisalabad"


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