Thursday, 13 April 2017

Suicide: The Escape Route Of Emotional Problems?

Coming to terms with the factuality of life as no
bed of roses saves one a lot of energy, and
prepares the mind to confront avoidable and
unavoidable challenges headlong. Like I
maintained some time ago, problems
predominantly show up not necessarily to break you but to make you.The spate at which a good
number of Nigerians, particularly youths
questionably bring their lives to an end is
worrisome and need be addressed. This trend is
rapidly becoming fashionable among those that
comprise the greater number of the national population, and it portends doom for the future of
our society since the youths are the leaders of
tomorrow. When these beacons of national hope
subscribe to treating their God-given, sacred lives
with levity, suffice it to say that the river has
overflowed its bank. Media headlines in recent times have been
somewhat laced with heartbreaking news of this or
that young man or woman that has hastened his
or her demise. This leaves one bewildered,
endevouring to grasp the rat

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