Beware! Heavy Makeup Causes Cancer

Mrs Ayopo Adeyemi, a dermatologist has warned women against the use of heavy makeup, saying it aggravates skin problems. Adeyemi said on Monday in Lagos that the use of heavy makeup could lead to skin irritation, allergies and even skin cancer. Snapchat celebrity and Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky, poses on November 7, 2016 in Lagos. Bobrisky sells skin lightening creams and in 2016 catapulted to fame as a social media celebrity chronicling his makeup looks. / AFP PHOTO / STEFAN HEUNIS She said that excessive makeup was usually used by women to cover skin problems like pimples, allergies, patches, scars, dark circles, boils and wrinkles. The expert, however, warned that this could aggravate the problems if care is not taken. Adeyemi added that the harmful effects of makeup were not limited to skin related issues, but also varieties of other health challenges. “Lipsticks, Kajal sticks and eye- shadows, for example, are known to contain lead, carcinogen and neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system adversely, leading to high blood-pressure, allergies, behavioural abnormalities and even decreased rates of fertility.”


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