Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fluid Retention In Body Alerts Underlying Health Problem – Expert

Dr Okezie Emenike, an Abuja based medical
practitioner, has urged patients with fluid retention
in the body to seek urgent medical assistance. He gave the advice in an interview with the
Newsmen today in Abuja. He explained that patients with fluid retention
needed urgent and proper medical evaluation in
order to identify the root cause. Emenike, who is a general physician, described
water retention as an abnormal accumulation of
clear watery fluid in the tissues or cavities of the
body. He also said that the body used hormone-like
substance called prostaglandins to keep the
volume of fluid in the body at a steady level. According to him, fluid in the body is drained out
by lymphatic system, while the waste product are
removed from the body tissues and when the
body cannot get rid of excess water it accumulates
fluids. Emenike identified lack of exercise as a common
cause of water retention, saying that muscle action
is needed not only to keep the blood flowing
through the veins but also to stimulate the
lymphatic system to fulfill its overflow function. He attributed protein deficiency, pregnancy,
uterine fibroid, kidney failure as well as congestive
heart failure as other causative factors to the
condition. Emenike also blamed some medications such as
oral contraceptive pill, non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers, lack of
vitamins B and magnesium as factors that pose the
risk of developing the condition. However, the medical doctor said that treatment of
the condition should start from identifying the
primary cause of the condition. He therefore recommended diuretic medications if
water retention was caused by heart or kidney

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