I Go To Church, I Love God, And I Love My Church – Trump

The President of United state of American, Donald
Trump was said to have not attended church
services after his inauguration, despite his opines at
2015 gathering hosted by Christian conservatives
in Iowa, “I’m Protestant, I’m Presbyterian, I go to
church, I love God, and I love my church.” This was reported on Sunday by Associated Press
(AP) news and Concord Monitor, based in US.
However, it was reported that on Easter Sunday’s
arrival, Donald Trump has yet to attend a church
service in the Capital since the worship events of
his inauguration weekend in January. Trump is spending the holiday at his private Palm
Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, where he often
weekends. The White House isn’t saying if he plans
to attend Easter services, but last year, he attended
the nearby Episcopalian church where he and
Melania Trump were married. It was also reported that while he was a candidate he attended the
nearby Episcopalian church where he and Melania
Trump were married. US President Donald Trump Vanguard gathered that where a president
worships is always important in Washington. Bill
Clinton frequented a Methodist church, Jimmy
Carter taught Baptist Sunday school and Barack
Obama visited an Episcopal church near the White
House. Today Barack Obama was seen in a church
reciting glorious songs with his family, whereas
Trump has not been seen anywhere in any
church. According to Concord Monitor, Trump said in his
weekly radio address, “Easter Sunday is a holy
day of reverence and worship” and “a sacred time
that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our
people” yet failed to go to church today ‘Easter’. Obama’s in a church celebrating Easter Sunday It was reported also that some Washington
churches might be an uncomfortable for him. “Churches in D.C. tend, not all, but tend to be a
little more liberal. It’s a hard sell,” the senior pastor
at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Rev.
Roger Gench said. “The policies of Trump are
counter to the views of most of the people in the
church.” Rice University presidential historian Douglas
Brinkley said “Even if Trump doesn’t go each
week, heading to church from time to time might
be a good idea politically, ‘No president has ever
done damage to his career by showing up to a
church service on Sunday,” It shows people that perhaps God is on your side, that you understand
the power of prayer.” he said.


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