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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Certainties have betrayed Bola Tinubu speedier than Usain Jolt – Jonathan

Anthony Ogbonna

The previous President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

has answered the National pioneer of the All

Progressives Congress, APC, party, Asiwaju

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who had, amid his

address at the introduction of a book titled,

"Gaining Unfaltering Manageable Ground"

wrote by President Muhammadu Buhari's

media associates at the Old Dinner Corridor,

Presidential Estate, Abuja, denounced his

(Jonathan's) organization of regulating

debasement in Nigeria.

Tinubu and Jonathan

Dr. Jonathan, in his reaction to Tinubu's

claims that "So much cash developed feet and

fled speedier than Usain Jolt ever could

furthermore, that his organization won gold decoration in

defilement, however said that certainties have rather

betrayed the APC pioneer quicker than Usain


Puting Tinubu in legitimate points of view, the

previous president who talked through his

previous helper and top of the line creator, Minister

Reno Omokri, said that under his

organization, the main worldwide body for

observing defilement, Straightforwardness

Global, had distributed in its yearly

defilement list, indicating Nigeria made an

eight(8) focuses change in defilement

lessening, asylum moved from 144 to 136 at that point.

The announcement likewise said that, "other than

media drama, there have been no

feelings of money related misappropriation

originating from the Jonathan time."

The announcement likewise tested Tinubu or

anyone in APC to counter Jonathan's

explanation in 2014 that he has no bank

account abroad.

Jonathan, in the announcement said Tinubu

mixed up what he depicted as the "Usain Jolt

speed" at which the present decision APC

government snuck over into the nation,

the beset previous Executive of the Annuity

Change Assignment Group ( PRTT), Abdulrasheed

Maina whom the past government under

Jonathan had rejected and proclaimed needed,

just for the APC-drove government to reestablish

him, even with an advancement, for what he said

is the "dubious cases of defilement under


The announcement peruses along these lines:

"Again my consideration has been attracted to

defaming remarks made by Mr. Bola

Ahmed Tinubu against previous President

Goodluck Jonathan and his organization.

In the said remarks, Mr. Tinubu said "The

earlier government utilized people in general treasury as a

private fence investments or a philanthropy that restricted its

offering just to themselves," he said.

"So much cash developed feet and fled

speedier than Usain Jolt ever could. That which

could have been spent on national

advancement was misused in ways that

would make the fallen angel become flushed."

Talking further, the previous Lagos State

Representative stated:

"Boko Haram would have a taken more area

furthermore, more lives would have been lost to

rebellion if Jonathan had stayed in


I would now address these affirmations point

by point utilizing undeniable actualities.

As a matter of first importance, the main worldwide body for observing

debasement is Straightforwardness Universal which

discharges a yearly Debasement Observation


Nigeria made her most

change in Straightforwardness Universal's

yearly Debasement Recognition Record In 2014

under President Jonathan when we moved

from 144 to 136 speaking to a change

of 8 focuses.

Straightforwardness Universal watched the

Jonathan organization's battle against the

defilement in Nigeria's manure obtainment

administration, the utilization of innovation to evacuate

50,000 Government apparition laborers and the speed

at which the then President let go clergymen

blamed for defilement or irreconcilable situation.

From that time till today, Nigeria has not made

any enhancements and has stayed at 136

where Jonathan left us since Straightforwardness

Worldwide manages actualities, not feelings or

media trial.

Other than media emotionalism, there have

been no feelings of monetary

misappropriation coming from the Jonathan


Be that as it may, we do realize that the

professedly degenerate benefits criminal, Abdulrasheed

Maina, was rejected and pronounced needed by

the Jonathan organization.

We additionally now realize that the

introduce Lawyer General of the League,

Abubakar Malami, met with Maina in Dubai.

We realize that Maina's family uncovered in a

question and answer session that Maina was welcomed back

to Nigeria by the present government. It is

likewise a reality that Maina was reviewed, restored

furthermore, given twofold advancement by the current


Besides, we know from the Head of

Administration's spilled reminder that President

Muhammadu Buhari knew about this whole


Maybe Asiwaju Bola Tinubu mixed up the

Usain Jolt speed at which Maina was

snuck once more into the nation and restored

for the dubious cases of defilement under


We likewise realize that $25 billion

worth of agreements were granted at the NNPC

without due process. It is likewise a reality that this

is the most noteworthy ever such sum engaged with

Nigeria's history. Once more, maybe it is this

sum that Tinubu implied when he said "So

much cash developed feet and fled speedier

than Usain Jolt ever could". Or, on the other hand maybe he

was alluding to Babachir Lawal.

Nigerians should take note of that on the seventh of Spring

2014, at that point President Jonathan said "I am faithful

to Nigeria's economy. I don't have accounts or

property abroad."

Till date, no one has possessed the capacity to negate

that announcement since it is valid.

Would bola be able to Tinubu or anyone in the APC

authority make a comparative claim?

On the issue of Boko Haram and psychological oppression, it

is a reality that there is just a single worldwide body

perceived to screen fear based oppression and that is the

Establishment for Financial matters and Peace (IEP) which

discharges the yearly Worldwide Fear based oppression Record.

Between 2013 and 2014,

Nigeria under President Jonathan was

sadly recorded as the fourth most

threatened country on the planet.

Be that as it may, in the most recent Worldwide Fear mongering List

discharged yesterday (November 15, 2017) by

the Organization for Financial matters and Peace, Nigeria

has crumbled from where Jonathan left it

what's more, is presently the third most threatened country.

In 2015, President Jonathan guaranteed that

races held in each nearby government in

Borno states, yet a month ago, the Assembled

Countries announced that they could not any more

work in certain nearby administrations of Borno

state. So who is tricking who?

So if as indicated by Straightforwardness Worldwide,

Nigeria was less degenerate under Jonathan than

it is today and as indicated by the Organization for

Financial aspects and Peace, Nigeria is more

threatened today than it was under Jonathan, it

turns out to be evident that Bola Tinubu has no accurate

premise to make the cases he made."

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