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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Chelsea vs Barcelona, Champions League: live score updates



Chelsea punished by Lionel Messi, the greatest football in the known universe, after playing a near-perfect defensive 90 minutes. That away goal could, and likely will prove crucial.
As for the individual stars: Hazard was excellent for Chelsea but Messi is on a different level. Willian caught the eye too - after a performance like that it's amazing that he starts so many games on the bench.

90 mins +3

Morata is penalised for handball when it looked more like he'd just swung a leg at the thing and gotten away with a bad touch. He briefly considers shouting about it and then remembers that he's already on a yellow card. A yellow card for shouting about something.

90 mins +1

Busquets trips Hazard with a cynical foul and is booked. 

90 mins

Incredibly, against all odds, Suarez and Alba are both fine to continue. 

89 mins

Alba pulls off a lovely little bit of skill and has his heel clipped. Suarez is tackled by Drinkwater. Both are rolling around the floor in mortal danger. Somebody please pray for these wounded soldiers. [/sarcasm]

87 mins

Hazard wins a free-kick 30 yards out. Willian will put it into the area.


Chelsea 1 - 1 Barcelona
Champions League20/02/2018 19:45
Referee: Cüneyt Çakir|Venue: Stamford Bridge
  • Willian62'
  • Messi75'

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